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Stay Schemin'

y’all rappers be telling stories, & stories that f***** bore me 
whatever the f*** your saying is probably fucken annoying.

I’m shitting straight on you rappers/ somebody get me a diaper/ 
My shits so fucken solid cause all I feed it is fiber/ 
you got to sacrifice if your trying to win / 
y’all was busy going out, while I was busy going in…

Toestah-Stay Schemin’


Forgive All My Haters

You always asking questions that you already know the answer to…why ask it? 

I’m sorry that you’re such a _________________.


Original lyrics

You need to see the long term, that’s why you’re so narrow minded. Selfish fool.

The music still timeless
Search for inspiration any weather or climate
Depending whether you find it